Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training with Coralstone and Wendy Smith

This tailored half day course deals with assertiveness issues.

You will discover how you come across to people and what the differences are between aggression and assertiveness.

You will be offered key techniques to deal with bullying, confrontations and difficult people.

Assertiveness Training Objectives

  • Ensure small problems don’t become big ones
  • Offer techniques on how to be ‘to the point’ with your colleagues
  • Make it easier to be firm when you need to.
  • Stop bullying
  • Manage difficult staff
  • Get out of challenging situations
  • Change the way you are treated
  • Deal with negative feelings and limiting beliefs

Wendy Smith specialises in communication training for all levels from entrepreneurs in start-ups to middle management wanting to progress to  board directors in larger companies. Her London based training company, Coralstone Training, offers consultancy and coaching on all forms of communication and media skills.

Tel: 07970 698739


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